BC & COvid-19

Based on the current recommendations of public health officials, BC will no longer be gathering for either Sunday morning services or Missional Community meetings for the foreseeable future.

Let’s be clear, none of us want this. This decision is not one we’ve taken lightly nor one we’re excited about making. However, we have full confidence that we are able to weather this situation together as a unified body of believers.

At BC, we have always emphasized the truth that the church isn’t a building. We know that the church is a people. We are the church. We’re a family of saints who are ministers and messengers. Right now, our God has given us a unique opportunity to put this truth into practice in new and exciting ways.

While we won’t be meeting together in person in groups larger than 10, we’re going to leverage technology as a substitute for the things we normally do to foster community and fellowship. 

On Sunday mornings, we’re going to be live-streaming our worship service (you can find info on our live stream in our Facebook group). MCs are going to gather using virtual conferencing software so we can still meet together while not meeting together physically. In the BC Facebook group, the elders are going to share some devotional thoughts each morning and provide a place to share prayer requests with one another. Each Thursday night at 8pm, we’re going to have a church-wide prayer meeting via video conference. We’re in the process of getting BC access to RightNow media which is like a Netflix of Bible study and conference materials as well as kid’s programming that can especially be of use to us during this time. In addition to all this, I’m sure that collectively we’ll come up with even more ways we can be the body with one another during this pandemic. You are not alone during this time. We’re in this together even when we’re not together.

But, as we all know, being the church isn’t solely about inward focus. We look outward together as well. Right now, so many people are spending so much of their time scrolling through Facebook and Twitter and webpages which are filled with bad news. We have been entrusted with the good news that invades the bad spaces. We have the answer that they’re looking for. We have the hope that they’re lacking. We know the One who is able to calm their fears. Let’s be praying for God to give us opportunities to share that good news. Let’s be looking for those opportunities. While we’re avoiding large group gatherings, that doesn’t mean we can’t live out the mission we’ve been given. Let’s look and listen for chances to be a blessing to our neighbors and serve our city during this time.

We’re not gathering on Sundays and we’re not gathering MCs for the foreseeable future. But, church isn’t cancelled. We couldn’t cancel church even if we tried. Our community and mission exist because Jesus purchased them with his blood. We get to be the church because of what he’s done. COVID-19 cannot and will not overturn these gospel realities.

If you have any questions or concerns, email the elder team at elders@bchannibal.com.