Sunday MorninGS

We meet Sunday mornings at 10:30am (come early for coffee at 10:15am) at 245 N. Levering Ave in Hannibal for our weekly corporate worship gathering.

We invite you to come and experience with us what it means to be gathered into a family of believers who are being transformed by the power of the gospel.

What to Expect:

Our Sunday mornings begin around 10:15am in the Welcome Room with fresh coffee and doughnuts. At 10:30, we transition to the auditorium for a call to worship, such as something from the Psalms, to direct our attention to God. This is generally followed by worship through song, teaching from the Bible, the Lord's Supper, giving, and prayer. Most people dress very casually (including the pastor who's teaching).  

Children's ministry is provided for kids ages six weeks old through kindergarten. By having older children in worship it gives them an opportunity to learn with mom and dad and gives parents the chance to cultivate their childrens' spiritual growth by explaining parts of songs, the Lord's Supper, and the message to their children. 


Family Meetings

About four times a year, we have what we call family meetings. These are when we get the church family together to eat, have fun, and discuss issues that we can't cover on a Sunday morning. These range from buying a new van to partnering with new missionaries to talking about a specific theological concept that needs clarification and explanation. 

If you've been part of a church before, these aren't anything like the traditional church business meetings you may have experienced in the past. There is not any squabbling over music styles or color swatches. Instead, we're a family, so we make decisions like one.