• Dan Born

    Dan is married to Jen. They have five daughters. They have been at BC since 2010. Dan has a masters degree and Ph.D. from Southern Seminary. Currently, he's our only staff elder. He enjoys good books, deep conversation, fly-fishing, board games, and Liverpool FC.


  • Sean Freeman

    Sean is the director of admissions at Hannibal-LaGrange University. He's married to Crystal and they have two boys and one girl. They've been part of BC since 2011. Sean enjoys comic books, graphic novels, and watching his favorite sports game matches.


  • Daniel Miller

    Daniel is a math teacher at Hannibal High School. He is married to Katie. They have two daughters and one son.  In his free time, he enjoys playing sports and board games with friends. The Millers have been members of BC since 2011.


  • Jason Nichols

    Jason is married to Chrystal and they have three sons and two daughters. They've lived in Hannibal since 1998. Jason is the athletic director at Hannibal-LaGrange University. They've been members of BC since 2009.



  • sarah Campbell

    Sarah is married to Matt. They have four kids. They've been at BC since 2009. Sarah homeschools their children, loves to read, watch movies, hang out with friends and be active.

  • Tim Fenton

    Tim is married to Courtney and they have three kids. Other than a hiatus spent in Wisconsin, they've been at BC since the early days in the 2007. Tim loves coffee, music, motorcycles, gardening, and running his fingers through his epic beard.

  • Katie Miller

    Katie is wife to Daniel and mom to Zayli, Eleanor, and Marshall. She enjoys hanging out with friends and playing volleyball. She stays at home with her younger two children. The Millers have been members of BC since 2011.

  • Ben Strother

    Ben is married to Janelle and has a son and a daughter. They've been at BC since 2011. Ben coaches baseball and is working on his Ph.D. in personal finance. He loves played baseball, ultimate frisbee, badminton, and frisbee golf (in that other). He has been known to cook and bake on special occasions and thoroughly enjoys shooting the breeze over a fine cup of joe.

  • Neil Sneed

    Neil is married to Rebecca and they have one daughter. He's been attending BC since 2008. He enjoys aiming his camera at people and nature, roasting and brewing his own coffee, making videos with a purpose, and a little bit of woodworking (because it’s cool).

  • Dan Ware

    Dan is married to Brittany and they have three sons. He's in the IT crowd and leads BC in worship most Sundays. He likes technological gadgets, eclectic music, motorcycles, and, predictably, long walks on the beach.