This Coming Week

As you have probably seen, COVID cases are increasing rapidly in our country. In light of this, we’re going to make some changes to our routines and practices as a church.

Sunday Mornings

For Sundays, we’re going to move to more of a hybrid approach. For those that wish to continue gathering in-person, we’ll be at the Y on Sundays but there will be no childcare and the chairs will be spaced further apart. For those that want to stay home, we’ll be live-streaming the service as we have in the past (on our Facebook page: While we would certainly prefer for all of us to be able to gather together on Sundays, we think that this hybrid approach, like last Sunday, will result in a smaller, in-person crowd that will allow us to continue this format for longer.

Starting on Monday 11/23, the YMCA will be requiring masks. That requirement will extend to BC when we use their building with a few caveats. The people in the worship team and the person speaking will still be at least 6ft from the audience and will not need to wear masks during these activities. In addition, if you or anyone in your family has trouble wearing a mask, you can temporarily remove it during the preaching provided that you’re properly distanced from those around you. We understand that people at BC might have differing opinions about wearing masks and mask mandates, however, we want to be respectful of the Y’s policies as we utilize their building. We will continue to livestream our services on Sundays if you’d prefer to watch from home. These changes will go into effect next Sunday (11/29).

Missional Communities

For MCs, we’re going to give groups two options. Groups can meet in-person by splitting into groups smaller than 12 people (this 12 includes adults and kids) or groups can meet via Zoom or some other online platform. Daniel will be sending out a plan for how our groups can continue moving forward with our curriculum to each group leader under this new structure.

We get that none of us will be happy about these changes. We’re all ready to be done with COVID and get our lives back to what they were like pre-COVID. However, we don’t want this COVID-fatigue to cause us to make poor choices or to behave as if things are back to normal when they really aren’t. Lately, more and more people in our community have been directly impacted by COVID and the current statistics point to that number only growing. While this is yet another issue around which Satan wants the church to divide, we’re confident that we will remain unified in our love for Jesus and another.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, reach out the one of the elders (